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Jeremy Bilding did A LOT of bareback on Jake Cruise/Cocksure men and he was signed to a CR1 exclusive contract.

Chi Chi is very vocal about being anti bareback and refused to hire performers that did BB.

Please post a link for this supposed other profile. thread a few weeks ago, Blake was living in Vegas as a kept boy - by a woman.

If you have a facebook page R111 sign in and copy R78's link then paste it after you are signed in.

She quit directing straight porn because she wanted to use condoms and was told no.

Yet she signed someone that did condomless porn on gay and straight sites.

Jeremy Bilding went to Vegas last weekend to celebrate Blake's birthday with Blake and his boyfriend. Jeremy Bilding tweeted this.[quote]Oh Vegas, thank you for taking in Blake and his boyfriend, and allowing us to celebrate Blake's bday. Apparently Pat, Leo, and Rusty Stevens were good friends and ran around together. His Randy Blue contract ran out and the one he has with Falcon comes up in March but they aren't using him. No site/studio would work with him because of the bareback work he did for SX/Jake Cruise. He looks like someone that lost weight very fast but not necessarily in a healthy way.

Matthew Rush = Greg Grove He is on Facebook with that name.

I enjoy watching Matthew/Greg in the "making of videos" accompanying his films; there is a sweetness about him. Anyway having watched the interview with Rush within the making of special on the newly-released "Chi-Chi La Rue's Playing With Fire" dvd, I also realized last night "off-screen" he comes across as the gayest ornament on the Christmas Tree. Jean Val Jean real name is Emmanuel Del Cour (Currently a contestant on a cooking show)Leo Giamani's real name is Rob Foresta. By the way, how many pron stars have used their real names? Don't know the real name so I can't get any details on his weird death accept from Dink Flamingo whom I don't trust.

I wonder what the boyfriend in Philly that he dumped to get into porn thinks about him now?

R130Why would he dump his boyfriend to get into porn? The fact that he wants to go back to working in the financial industry and can't because of doing porn would back up the second theory. When he was paired with a larger guy (Erik Rhodes and Kevin Falk) he did a lot better performance wise but was still dull.

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The moderators weren't sure if it was really him but recognized the email as his so they asked him and he confirmed that he did put up the message. They said they would remove his email address but not the message.

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