Project schedule updating

Project schedule updating

This is a graphic presentation of all project related activities necessary to produce required output.The project Master Schedule and the thought process behind it are the keys to a successful project.

This schedule is dynamic in that it will undoubtedly be modified as the project proceeds and unanticipated changes in scope, logic, or timing are required.

The project Master Schedule is one of the most formidable tools available to the project manager in performing his or her duties.

We will address the importance of planning to the project manager and survey the techniques that can be employed for scheduling a typical project.

Many feel that they can handle any eventuality and prefer to “shoot from the hip” Unfortunately, this adversely affects their overall performances which in turn reduces the effectiveness of their project teams. The primary responsibility of the project manager is to ensure that the end product meets the client's requirements; therefore, the first scheduling task of the project manager is to clarify project objectives by translating them into quantifiable terms.

For a schedule to be effective, it must possess several major characteristics. Reconciling the project Master Schedule with project time constraints. Reconciling the project Master Schedule with resource constraints. A project objective is a statement specifying the results to be achieved.

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