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), and she proves it just a little bit more in the last scene of Season 3’s “Pusher.” Protective instincts on high (Mulder barely managed to resist shooting her while under the control of baddie Robert Patrick Modell and is clearly consumed by guilt), Scully searches out her partner’s hand for a quick, reassuring squeeze and tells him she’s not going to let Modell take up any more of their time.

Pretty sure that’s their first instance of hand-holding, but far from their last. meeting of minds and mouths was a long time coming and very, very welcome as another big step in our favorite agents’ relationship.

' Cause he won't stop until he finds a cure, and when he does she believes in him enough to accept it, despite the ridicule from her family. Mulder in Season 7's “Requiem”: There aren’t a lot of examples of Mulder getting protective of Scully, with good reason: He knows she can take care of herself, and respects that, which is one of the reasons Scully loves him so much, not to mention the audience (see #10).

Or maybe my twitter friends and I need an #xfilesclub Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

There were so many fav episodes - for some reason the Christmas one where ghosts make each believe the other is trying to kill them - stays with me all the time.

The series hints that Scully will never die, but I have to say I firmly believe it’s the Mulder/Scully relationship—with its unwavering trust, unbreakable bond, and unconditional love—that is actually immortal.

There’s no Scully without Mulder, and vice versa, and if there’s one thing I don’t doubt, it’s that those two wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The Donnie Pfaster case gets to Scully from the very start, her horror at the brutality of the victims’ deaths and the stress from her own recent abduction combining to make her doubt herself and her skills as an FBI agent.

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